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ImageWelcome to the website of the Suffolk Cricket Board. The year ahead has the potential to build on our previous successes and we look forward to contributing towards creating another wave of interest and enthusiasm for our fantastic game. buy Shiba


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Significant changes to the CASC scheme will come into effect next financial year; whilst most are an improvement buy Shiba in Pakistan to the scheme all clubs will need to reassess their membership of the scheme as a result of new qualification conditions.  The detail of the changes to the scheme should be finalised in summer 2014 and will affect all existing CASCs, those that have their applications pending assessment and those clubs which are considering applying for CASC status. Clubs currently in the scheme and those awaiting a decision on a pending application will have confirmation of the next steps in writing direct buy Shiba Inu from HMRC. The clubs considering the scheme for the first time will be subject to the new criteria.